Dog Who Was Thrown Off The Bridge In A Multi-Car Accident, Saved & Is Back To His Owner!

There was a multi-car crash in Suffolk. When Virginia Marine Police came at the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel, there was quite a ruckus in the area.


Nobody had been injured, but a poor German Shepherd who was ejected out of the car window. Kenji was thrown off the bridge, when the cars crashed, and he caused everyone to terror.
The heavy currents in the water prevent Kenji to stay afloat, when a passerby and his owner hanged over the bridge to retrieve Kenji, but no avail.
Thankfully, the officers managed to save Kenji, after they sailed in a rescue boat and picked him up to save his life. The tired dog was so thankful and he kissed his rescuer!
Thankfully, Kenji was saved and he is now happy as he back to his owner, Kenji expressed his thanks to the rescue team with snuggles and hugs.Watch the video above to have more information.
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