Dumb Thieves Try To Siphon Petrol Out Of Bus But Accidentally Suck Out Sewage

Two thieves in Australia thought they had a clever idea for obtaining gasoline without having to pay for it.

In the middle of the night, they approached a tour bus when no one else was around.

Their plan was to siphon gas right out of the bus’s gasoline tank.

But these two hapless robbers got a rather nasty surprise when they stuck their hose into what they thought was the vehicle’s gasoline storage tank.

When they started to suck out the gas, what they got was a mouthful of sewage.

They had mistakenly put their siphoning hose into the sewage storage tank rather than the tank used for gasoline.

As soon as they realized they were sucking out a foul smelling and bitter tasting liquid rather than the prized gasoline they were trying to steal, they quickly abandoned their plan and ran away.

A police official who was called in to investigate the attempted theft acknowledged that the thieves’ sorry mistake most likely gave them quite a bitter taste in their mouths.

Although law enforcement continues to keep a lookout for the pair, police acknowledge that they are not wasting too much time in doing so.

They figure that the thieves already received the punishment they deserved for their crime of attempted theft.

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