Girlfriend Laughs As Guy Smashes Dog’s Teeth In Lift Caught On Security Camera

A man dragged his dog so hard in an elevator that he crushed and destroyed part of his dog's teeth.


To make matters worse, the girl saw Daniel Cheslin's attack on the dog and, instead of helping, he laughed and smiled. Fortunately, the attack and its reaction were recorded by the camera. The events took place at Bedford House, Smiths Wood, a place in the UK where Cheslin and his girlfriend, both homeless, lived.

As they entered the elevator, Cheslin beat the dog up and kicked him and then stabbed him in the back with extreme force. The person who manages the surveillance camera system was shocked by the events and delivered the captured images to the RSPCA, an association for the welfare and rescue of animals.

Since the surveillance camera recorded the terrible animal abuse inflicted on Cheslin Rudy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the court had indisputable evidence of the crime. The prosecutor, Sarah Pratt, said a veterinarian had examined Rudy and found two of his missing teeth, allegedly in the elevator. That was not all.


Rudy's eyes had bladder-like blood vessels, probably caused by a blow to Cheslin's head. Incredibly, Cheslin had already attacked a puppy named John, which he and his girlfriend would see. Other crimes put a puppy on the floor and rub it in with urine.

It was also known that Cheslin had repeatedly stabbed Rudy in the ribs. Cheslin's defense claimed that he suffered from anxiety and depression. Daniel Cheslin pleaded guilty to animal abuse and was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Moreover, he was not allowed to come into contact with animals for 15 years.

During the trial approval process, Judge Jonathan Gosling said the defendant was cruel, while Rudy was a silent and passive dog. Everyone is relieved that Cheslin is paying for his terrible crime. Watch the video above to have more information.

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