Her Little Body Couldn’t Move, Vet Tries To Lift Her & She Screams In Agony

This small and innocent puppy was sitting in the middle of the street crying. He hurt himself so much that he could not walk. Usually, a dog, even when he was young, pulled his legs or hobbled. But he could not move at all!


Her mother waited and waited, but her baby would not come to her. His mother cried too. The motivation of the mother is heartbreaking. It's like saying, "Please help my baby!"

At last, the screams of the child were heard and the rescuers who would change his life and that of his mother came running. They got engaged as they picked up the baby, which would have taken the pain. It is a promise that they will not break!

From the moment they took the puppy to the sanctuary, they gave him painkillers by injection. But first, the puppy made its last cry. The rescuers whispered reassuring words to the child.


At the examination, the medical team found that he did not have a broken leg, but his hip was heavily loaded. It was the cause of all his pain. Poor child! But he already knew that he was in good hands. Dogs are so smart!

In just two days, the cute puppy could make his first steps difficult. He preferred a leg, but compared to immobility, he is fine! They gave him a real name, hugs. Because he likes to spoil everyone he meets! What a doll!

You will not believe how much this puppy came! Watch Hugs now! He can not only run but also run like the wind! Grab that ball, honey!

Thank you to all of his rescuers! Although there are so many stray dogs in India and this is overwhelming, these guys are doing everything they can to help. They realize that every life is precious and deserves to be saved! Watch the video above to have more information.

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