Homeless Man Finds His Beloved Dog, That Was Lost For More Than A Week!

This story speaks about Lee, a 24-year-old homeless man, who lives in the streets of Leeds, England. The man has a dog, but he surprisingly lost it, and he thought that he lost it forever.


Crystal, his 2-year-old dog, got scared when argument broke out near them, so he directly ran off. So, Lee looked desperately everywhere to find Crystal, but no avail! Helping Hands, a local organization, decided to help Lee to find his dog. Lee started fearing that his dog had been stolen.
A week after, Toni Mella Sweeney, from Helping Hands got a call about the dog, so he directly went to find Lee. You can see the reaction of Lee when he met Crystal. What a reunion! Watch the video above to have more information.
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