If The Mosquitoes Always Go Straight For You, Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you been starting to notice that mosquitoes are constantly humming by, getting on your nerves and leaving behind nasty bites? It’s because it’s summer!

Mosquitoes start to come out and play at 50-degree temperatures, and they’re a huge nuisance to anyone trying to enjoy the sunny days outside.

How can you keep them at bay, and why do they seem to gravitate towards you?

Why Am I Attracting Mosquitoes?

Find yourself swarmed by huge groups of mosquitoes the moment you go outside? Here are some of the reasons these pesky insects might like you so much!

1. You were sweaty and haven’t showered

The smell of sweat is incredibly attractive to these bugs, and the worst part is that they’re most enticing to the types of mosquitoes that tend to carry malaria.

Unfortunately, it’s old sweat more than fresh swear that really gets the mosquitoes flying over, as the bacteria produced makes it smell sweet to them.

2. You’ve had a few drinks

Drinking alcoholic beverages leads to an increase in metabolism, which then causes you to emit more carbon dioxide. In turn, carbon dioxide is attractive to mosquitoes.

Oddly, mosquitoes have been found to prefer beer drinkers to those who drink other kinds of alcohol, but if you’ve had any drink, you may still find a few buzzing around.

3. You’ve exercised recently

Being athletic has tons of perks health-wise, but it also means that mosquitoes are much more likely to come around.
This is because exercise causes the body to produce lactic acid, which mosquitoes absolutely love.
4. You’re pregnant
Pregnant women also release more carbon dioxide than the average person and, as we’ve mentioned, this can attract quite a few mosquitoes.
5. You wear sweet perfumes
Sweet smells tend to get these annoying bugs swarming, so if you’re using a perfume that has a scent like this, you might wind up with more of them trying to bite you.
The same goes for soaps with sweet scents.
6. You’re blood type O
Unfortunately, it seems like mosquitoes discriminate by blood type! Science has proven that those with Type O blood are actually two times as likely to get mosquitoes flying around them.

Meanwhile, if you have Type A blood, rejoice – mosquitoes are the least into this blood group.

7. Your clothes are very bright or dark

It’s fairly common knowledge that wearing dark clothes can entice mosquitoes, but it’s not because they like dark colors!
In fact, mosquitoes have a tendency to ignore light or soft colors on people, since those sorts of colors can disguise you from them. This means that even bright colors on clothes can attract these insects!

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