Make Sure You Don’t Get The Wrong Shopping Cart At The Grocery Store Or You May Be Calling 911

The world can be a dangerous place, this is an undeniable fact. Nevertheless, life still goes on – letting yourself be consumed by worry and anxiety is simply not an option.


After all, you still have to take care of yourself. And among the things, you will need to do is obviously some grocery shopping to keep your fridge and shelves stocked.

So the easiest thing to do is to head on down to the nearest store – which is very likely your closest Wal-Mart – to pick up your necessities

Alas, with all the sick, twisted people that roam this world, even this might not be safe
This was something Kelly Bouley of East Windsor, Connecticut had to learn in what is likely the most sadistic way possible.

She had entered the retail giant at about 9:15 pm and had opted to grab one of the shopping carts kindly provided by Wal-Mart.

This ordinary, almost daily action in and of itself should not have created much of a fuss. Sadly for Bouley, this was not the case.

Initially, all seemed well, with nothing out of the ordinary as she browsed the aisles.

Then, as she turned the corner, she caught something on the handle of her chosen shopping cart.

She wasn’t sure what it was, but she could feel it slice fairly deep into her flesh. Understandably panicked, she released her grip of the handle.

It was then she noticed the cause of her sudden pain – someone had embedded razor blade into the back of the handle, the blade’s edge angled to face outwards.

This, naturally, was a horrifying discovery – especially since razor blades are perfectly capable of slicing one to the bone.
Considering that these instruments can cause severe, lasting damage to someone’s body, it is alarming that someone would deliberately jam these blades into places where they could hurt innocent strangers.

Even worse still, it was reported by Daily Mail Online that this was a number 11. This type of razor blade was identified by Dr. Katherine Mashey as a surgical razor.

This discovery had alarmed the doctor on two points – Firstly, that someone had managed to obtain a surgical razor, and secondly, that this razor could have been contaminated.

Alternatively, it could have transmitted various blood-borne diseases such as HIV, and Hepatitis B or C.

The police were called shortly thereafter, where they identified the razor blade.

Unfortunately, there was no way to trace who the perpetrator was. Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl of the East Windsor Police Department explained that this could have been done by anyone with malicious intent.

Wal-Mart has since released a statement vowing to take this matter seriously and check their carts regularly
It is clear Bouley had gotten incredibly lucky to have walked away without any further injury.

After she got her injury bandaged at the hospital, she got the police to check the remaining shopping carts to ensure no further victims.

Since then, she has shared her story on Facebook in order to warn others.

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