Mom Discovers Baby-Holding Hack, Which Makes Parenting Easier!

One of the hardest tasks in life is parenting, it is totally exhausting duty. But, you finally reap what you sow. You can make some clever hacks or tricks, which make this task easier.


Abigail has her hands full with her two babies one who is 16-months-old and the other who is 2-months-old. Ananyah, her 2-month-old, has reflux and colic, which makes the baby super cranky and always wants to be held. She said that her baby can’t stay more than 10 mins without crying! So, she came up with a nice idea, “filling a glove with rice”. Abigail puts the gloves on the baby stomach, which really works and makes the baby stop crying! She added that this is just a simple trick, and her daughter was also being monitored all the time.
She shared that in a post that was shared more than 75,000 times. Watch the video above to have more information.
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