Mother Goes To Daughter’s Daycare, Looks Down In Horror When She Sees What Staff Did To Her Feet.

Jessica Hayes, a mom posted to Facebook pictures show swelling and bruises of her daughter who is in the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Daycare in Elkin, that resulted from a masking tape wrapped around her ankles and shoes.

Thus, it came under intense scrutiny.

The mother was so upset to what happened to her 17-month-old baby. Two employees were indicted of taping the baby's shoes on, and surprisingly the same thing was happened with another person.  
The employees may have thought it wasn’t harm, but it is clear from the photos that it is the opposite. She was angry and said that it hurts and breaks trust when you put it into 2 individuals who have been with her daughter since she was six weeks old.

The daycare’s director was speechless after Jessica reported her the incident and she immediately fired the two employees. The mother was pleased because the incident was resolved quickly and she chose not to mention the employees’ names in the letter.

Later on, other parents have adverse reaction toward Jessica who made her feel unaccepted for making the post on Facebook. Thanks for this mom because by her doing this type of abuse didn’t happen again in the community, as well as her story would encourage others if they face something like this. Watch the video above to have more information.

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