Rescue A Dog Who Had Kept On Short Chain She Could Not Even Rest Her Head

Many people treat their pets just like their kids, but there’re other people who expose these cute animals to badly inhumane conditions. This story speaks about Cala, who was one of those miserable puppies. Her owner held her by a chain that was so short that she could not let her head rest and hardly breathe. When the dog was sick, her parent would not take her to the veterinarian and gave her food in a rare way. Fortunately, she had a happy ending.


Cala’s bad conditions, that had been stayed in by her owner for many years, were seen by the concerned neighbors, who called Territorio de Zaguates, an animal shelter, and the authorities. When the dog was finally saved, she had to be treated to lose weight, hurt herself and be malnourished.

The owner of Territorio de Zaguates, Lya Battle, said that what she saw at first of her robbed a miserable creature of his dignity and was ready to give up, a puppy whose mind was broken and I expected that this would happen I live an endless nightmare. People "He described the healing process as a slow process" around him he did not cause any pain in the care, especially the incision in the neck, which was caused by years of stretching a metal chain around the neck. "


Even after his presentation, Cala, the guard-dog of a mechanic in Costa Rica, specifically in San Jose, would suffer further abuse by people. People entered the shrine to try to beat dogs with poisonous sausages in June. While sixteen pups passed away, this tough puppy survived. The fight suggests that this was possibly partly due to its size and that Cala’s health is back, despite some neurological problems. Thankfully, Cala is now living in a foster home with a foster family and doing great. Watch the video above to have more information.

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