She Looked Like She Was Pregnant With 10 Babies, Doctors Showed Her An X-Ray

You go on a diet but start to gain weight. But you notice your arms and legs are getting thinner – just not your midsection.
You may wonder what is happening. Certainly, a diet wouldn’t cause this to happen – right? Right.


A young woman in Mexico was experiencing this very thing.

The unnamed twenty-four-year-old woman from Mexico looked pregnant in less than a year – but she wasn’t pregnant.
She went to the doctor, and the scans showed that she had an ovarian cyst!

By the time she was seen by her doctors, the cyst was a staggering 70 pounds.

The size of the cyst was making it hard for her to breathe, walk, and eat.

The cyst was crushing her insides. Dr. Erik Hanson Viana removed the cyst in one five-hour procedure.

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