Stepmom Sentenced to Death For Torturing, Adding Anti-Freeze To Kids’ Food

This stepmom was sentenced to death. Heather Leavell-Keaton was the first woman in Mobile County, Alabama, to be sentenced to death. She will be murdered by a deadly injection. In 2010, she was convicted by a jury, for murdering the two sons of John DeBlase, her husband.


Natalie DeBlase was just 4 years old, and Chase DeBlase was just 3. Their father was also sent to death row. John DeBlase was sentenced in 2014 for more deaths than his children.

Leavell puts the antifreeze in children's food. Natalie was strangled in March 2010 after being held on a suitcase and pushed into a closet for 12 hours. Chase died in June 2010. The jury voted 11 to 1 to sentence Leavell to death. The only member of the jury wanted to live in prison without conditional release.

The Mobile County District Attorney, Ashley Rich, said that she deserved the death penalty. In this case, this cruel woman was warranted as the kids died - with their own hands.

Leavell's actions were described as cruel. Greg Hughes, Leavell's lawyer, tried to claim they were from a dysfunctional family and had bipolar disorder.

It is now too late for that. She was sentenced to death. What he did to these children is unforgivable. In the United States, only about 40 women were performed in the last 100 years. Watch the video above to have more information.

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