Woman Calls 911 Demanding Cops Check A Man’s Legal Status Because He Spoke Spanish & “Looked Illegal”

Everyone is aware that tensions have been high regarding immigration in the United States.

However, at what point do those tensions cause people to overstep their bounds?


A recent incident outside a Walmart in California showed a woman taking it upon herself to boldly determine whether or not someone had legal status, simply based on the fact that the person was speaking Spanish and “looked illegal.”

The man was simply attempting to leave the Walmart parking lot during the middle of a busy afternoon.

The woman was recorded making a 911 call where she repeatedly told the dispatcher that the man simply “looked illegal.”
She then attempted to stand behind the truck that the man was driving in order to block it in while she was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.

The call quickly turned brash as she utilized a stream of obscenities to continually tell the dispatcher that the man didn’t look legal due to the fact that he was speaking Spanish.

She then began to demand that the dispatcher send police officers to the scene in order to detain the man.
She also demanded that the man show her his green card in order to prove his legal status.

This entire scene happened outside a Walmart in Glendora, California, an area where many people speak Spanish or are bilingual due to proximity to the border.

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