Woman Who Peed All Over Veteran’s Memorial Pays The Price

The video above speaks about an adult female, who is a serial public urinator. To this day, I didn't know it was one thing - a serial public urinator? Really? What is the problem with people?


Her name is Kelly Martin, an unemployed mother of five. She is an activist against the First World War who denies war memorials.

Why are you protesting for a war that ended long ago? What do you hope to achieve by desecrating war memorials? She spent the day in court and the judge sentenced her to seven months in prison.

I am sorry for the children of this woman. What kind of example do you prepare for her?

War memorials are erected to honor those who have lost their lives. They do not show "support" for the war - but for those who have made an extreme sacrifice. Parents must be better role models for their children. Watch the video above to have more information.

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