Couple Discovered Their Loved Dog Is Pregnant, Unfortunately, They Are Forced To Euthanize Her.

Coolio, a Viszla dog, was born in August 2015 and became a member of the family. They decided to make everything for her. She directly became a part of the family and they took her everywhere with them. They had to take her to a veterinarian in Sydney, they had so good times together in the first year.


Coolio was an amazing companion and so perfect. She would Lunge, growl, and bark at the family. And the couple did not really want to know the problem of Coolio, and just wished it would go away.

The problem did not go away, and Coolio started to do some strange acts, she even bit Blake (husband)! 

During the vacation of the couple, they put Coolio with their friends, firstly he was so sweet, friendly and cute, but then the couple were shocked when they saw that Coolio had bitten another one. And they found out that Coolio is pregnant. So, they decided to tackle the problem.

They tried to do what they could just to tackle the problem, but sadly Coolio was just getting bad more and more, and had even Bitten the leg of Blake in a really bad way! So they finally decided to euthanize her.


So, in her last day with the family, they her to a park to have some little time to play for the last time, before surrendering her to the vet.

She said:

"As soon as the vet came outside to me I burst into tears. He spent time with us talking through what would happen and then took Coolio to another room to sedate him.”
"He was laying down resting his head on my hand and I bent down to kiss him and tell him how much I loved him. This was the closest I had been able to get to him in the past year without worrying about being attacked.”
"He slowly drifted off to sleep, and Blake was rubbing his ears which was his favorite and he groaned, he was loving it. His last moments were spent with the people that he loved the most and who loved him just as much.”
"Life will move on, it always does. But there will always be a part of Coolio with us everywhere we go.”
When you own a dog, it’s in the knowledge that there will be a time when you have to let go, but the couple weren’t expecting it to be that soon!

Blake said:
"In so many ways our life will now be better moving on – we don’t have to walk on eggshells around our house. I can close my computer lid without fearing he will jump out of his beanbag and potentially lunge at me.”
The couple miss him dearly every day!
RIP Coolio…

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