Young Lady Passes Out Each Time She Uses Bathroom — 2 Years Later Doctors Know Why.

They got a diagnosis, a number of years later. When Jayla swooned while sitting on the toilet, it was 2014. She was located and dispatched to the hospital by her mother, Brooke Abate. At the time, it was a virus, the doctors decided and just sent her home. Jayla constant to have incidents where she just swoons.


To discover what is going on,
Brooke has been examining the past few years. Jayla was pointed to a cardiologist at Tulane University in New Orleans. Jayla had a heart detector inserted to keep an eye on her heart, in early 2016.

When the detector was in her chest, Jayla ever had an attack. Brooke was amazed, "probably the ‘attacks’ were just cries for attention" one doctor even said. No one assented her!

Jayla had another incident, on June 22, 2016, – this one was the worst one. Jayla was walking outside with her mother when she said that everything was going white – then swooned. The EKG results were natural.

Shortly after the attack, Jayla was airlifted to the hospital.

In the end, Jayla is diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome by the doctors – which leads to her heart to stop beating for up to 6 seconds at a time!

The trouble is generally seen in people over the age of 50 and is caused by disrupted pathways in the heart. Finally, Jayla got the therapy she needed! at New Orleans Children’s Hospital, Jayla was given a pacemaker. To help with expenses, the family has a GoFundMe Page.

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